How to reset Extplorer admin password

How to reset Extplorer admin password

With this method, you can easily reset and recover your Extplorer admin password within a few minutes. If you forgot your Wordops Extplorer admin password, don’t worry, I will cover you too.


  • SSH access to the server

Finding .htusers.php file

This is the tricky part. You have to find the Extplorer folder location. If you used the standalone installation, it will probably at your root web directory (www folder depending on your server configuration. ). For example: /var/www/extplorer/config

For Wordops users, it’s at your 22222 folder: /var/www/22222/htdocs/files/config

Now you can check the .htusers.php file ls -a command.

# ls -a
.  ..  .htaccess  .htusers.php  bookmarks_extplorer_admin.php  conf.php  index.html  mimes.php

Generate MD5 string as the temporary password

By default, Extplorer admin password stored in the above file but it’s hashed. Luckily, we can use an MD5 ↱ encrypted string as our temporary password. Use a simple password. You can change it later from your Extplorer dashboard.

# echo -n "yourPassword" | md5sum
ff85305ab86ceff0f59877358928d81d -

Copy the string except dash (-).

Edit .htusers.php file

It’s time to use your favourite text editor ????. I’m going to use nano text editor.

# nano .htusers.php
// ensure this file is being included by a parent file
if( !defined( '_JEXEC' ) && !defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) ) die( 'Restricted access' );

Replace the highlighted part with your MD5 string and save the file.

That’s it! Now, refresh your Extplorer login page and try your new password.

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