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Best cheap hosting providers in 2021 February Update – [Pros & Cons]

Unlike most of the articles that you find online about best hosting providers, I’m going to show you a proper feature comparison and review rather than some general ideas. At the end of this article, you can decide which hosting provider is best for you in 2021. I’m giving my honest review on each of them using my seven years of freelancing experience.

Best Web Hosting Providers 2021 (Overview)

This is a summary of this best hosting provider review. I highly recommend you to go through each hosting provider by clicking more details before making a decision.

Hosting Provider



Free Domain

Starting Price

24×7 Support

Overall Rating







Namecheap Hosting



Yes (.website)




Not mentioned









100GB – Unmetered

10-30 GB

Premium Plans only



Note – Most web hosting providers offer $150-$250 ad credits for your future advertising campaigns on AdWords or Bing Ads (more of a marketing trick. You have to spend $25-$75 to get your coupon code). My advice is, do not make your decision just for these ad credits trick. 90% of users won’t use advertising platforms at the beginning. Also, all of the listed hosting providers provide email hosting through Cpanel.

Let’s jump into the review.

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1. Bluehost Review – Best Overall Hosting

Bluehost web hosting review

Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers in the game over 15 years. They have a large data center network in the USA and Europe. Bluehost offers many hosting options to select for their customers.

If you are a beginner, hands down Bluehost is the choice for you. Their custom cPanel is very user friendly. It’s effortless to understand for a beginner due to minimalistic design guides.

Bluehost Overall Rating: ⭐ 9/10

Standard features of Bluehost

Bandwidth: Unmetered WordPress/WooCommerce hosting: Yes
Free domain: Yes (1 Year) Storage: 50GB – Unlimited SSD
One-click installations: Yes Control Panel: cPanel
Free SSL certificate (https): Yes (Let’ encrypt) 24×7 support: Yes
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days Price From: $2.95/mo ↠ Checkout the Offer 

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


  • ✔   Very user friendly interfaces
  • ✔   Excellent live support and response time
  • ✔   Recommended By WordPress
  • ✔   99.9% Uptime


  • ⚠   No monthly plans (1, 2, 3 years only)
  • ⚠   Renewals are expensive

2. Namecheap Review – Most Affordable Hosting

Namecheap web hosting review

Namecheap is the web hosting provider I’ve been using and recommending for over four years. The best thing about Namecheap is its affordable prices and unmatchable customer service. Generally, affordable web hosting providers are awful at customer service, but when it comes to Namecheap, it’s very different. 10 of 10 ratings from me to their support.

You might think, “why other articles put Namecheap at the bottom of the list or even I can’t find Namecheap in the list!”. Well, that’s another story. Namecheap provides low affiliate rates and commissions compared to other hosting providers. That’s why other people don’t put Namecheap on their lists.

Also, Namecheap offers ad credit, just like Bluehost. Google will help you to find its terms. Namecheap has a slightly customized cPanel version and an easy to control dashboard with their slick design.

If you are just starting things with a low budget, Namecheap is the option for you. Namecheap provides a combo package including Hosting plan and Domain.

Namecheap Overall Rating: ⭐ 9/10

Standard features of Namecheap

Bandwidth: Unmetered WordPress/WooCommerce hosting: Yes
Free SSL certificate (https): Yes (it depends on their promotions and they do provide .website domain anyway) Storage: 20GB-Unmetered SSD
24×7 support: Yes One-click installations: Yes
Free Backups: Yes (from Stellar Plus plan) Control Panel: cPanel
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days Price From: $1.44/moCheckout the Offer
Best Value: Combo Package

Up to 100% Discounts for any Namecheap product

Pros and Cons of Namecheap


  • ✔   Very affordable
  • ✔   Very user-friendly interfaces
  • ✔   Excellent live support and response time
  • ✔   WhoisGuard Free Forever (to protect your privacy)
  • ✔   Node.js (via cPanel App)


  • ⚠   No free domain

3. Hostgator Review – Most Reliable Hosting

Hostgetor hosting review

In my experience, Hostgator is the most reliable hosting provider that I found so far. They have a fantastic knowledge base to solve most of your problems. Their support is on point, but they are not responsive as Bluehost and Namecheap. If you are asking what the best method to contact them is, It’s their Toll-Free phone number.

If you are are looking for a hosting provider to host your adult content, Hostgator is the choice for you (make sure to read terms of use). NB: I didn’t mean Hostgator for adult content ???? It just allows to host adult content.

Hostgator Overall Rating: ⭐ 8/10

Standard features of Hostgator

Bandwidth: Unmetered SSD Storage: Yes
WordPress/WooCommerce hosting: Yes 24×7 support: Yes
Free SSL certificate (https): Yes One-click installations: Yes
Free Backups: Paid Control Panel: cPanel/Plesk
Free Domain: Yes (1 Year) Money-Back Guarantee: 45 Days
Price From: $2.75/moCheckout the Offer 

Pros and Cons of Hostgator


  • ✔   Very reliable
  • ✔   Excellent knowledge base
  • ✔   Adult content hosting allowed
  • ✔   Windows hosting available


  • ⚠  Support could be faster
  • ⚠  If you opt for a shorter billing cycle, the fees grow
  • ⚠  Pricing and features should show upfront

4. A2 Hosting Review – Best Features Set for Developers

A2 hosting review

What we love about A2 Hosting is, they provide lots of features out-of-the-box even for the basic plan. If you ever worked on a website before, you could have experience with website staging ↱. If hosting provides dose not provide such a feature, you have to configure everything manually. With A2 Hosting, you can counter that problem because they provide website staging. That’s not all! They provide Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby, SSH with deep permission, and more.

So, is this host only works for developers? Of course not! A2 Host provides all tools as other hosting providers and similar interfaces. The best part is they are very open about their pricing. The main downside is, their support team is not quick as the top 3 providers of this list.

A2 Hosting Overall Rating: ⭐ 7/10

Standard features of A2 Hosting

Bandwidth: Unmetered WordPress/WooCommerce hosting: Yes
Storage: Unlimited SSD Free domain: No
24×7 support: Yes (Good enough) One-click installations: Yes
Free Backups: Yes (from Swift plan) Control Panel: cPanel/Plesk
Free SSL certificate (https): Yes Money-Back Guarantee: Anytime
Price From: $3.92/mo ↠ Checkout the Offer 

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting


  • ✔   Website Staging (out of the box)
  • ✔   Support variety of technologies (Node.js, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL)
  • ✔   Anytime Money-Back guarantee
  • ✔   99.9% Uptime
  • ✔   Open about pricing
  • ✔   Windows Hosting available


  • ⚠  Support could be faster
  • ⚠  Expensive renewals

5. Hostinger Review – Good hosting provider for small businesses and individuals

Hostinger review

Hostinger is a good web hosting provider for small businesses and individuals. I don’t want to overrate Hostinger like other reviewers that’s why I use ‘good’. They have some affordable hosting plans like $0.99 per month plan. But, if you look closer, you have to purchase 48 months hosting plan and they just provide one website and one email account for the plan.

If you are an individual who needs to create a portfolio website or if you have a small local business that you don’t want to expand anytime soon, you can get maximum value from the Hostinger.

Hostinger is a very beginner-friendly website. Most of the things are straight forward, and they have quite good customer support. But, they have outstanding community support to fix most of your problems.

Hostinger Overall Rating: ⭐ 7/10

Standard features of Hostinger

Bandwidth: 100GB – Unmetered WordPress/WooCommerce hosting: Yes
Storage: 10-30 GB SSD Free domain: Yes (from Premium plans)
24×7 support: Yes (Good enough) One-click installations: Yes
Control Panel: hPanel Free SSL certificate (https): Yes
Free Backups: Daily (Business Plan only) Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Price From: $0.90/mo ↠ Checkout the Offer 

Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  • ✔  Very user-friendly interfaces
  • ✔  Affordable for longer billing cycle
  • ✔  Widerange of Data Centers (US, EU, UK, & Asia)
  • ✔  99.8% Uptime
  • ✔  Good community support


  • ⚠  Staff support could be improved
  • ⚠  One month plans are very expensive


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use our comment section or the online support system. We can help you to find the best web hosting provider for your requirements. Do not make your decision just by looking at their prices and free stuff.

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